Post-Brexit Western Relation

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            Boris Johnson is going to deliver Brexit most likely. Following the ‘Queen’s Speech’ that gave Mr. Johnson the mandate of closing the parliament, different actions from different groups have been noticed across cities in the United Kingdom. Joyous Brexiters and annoyed Remainers.

           ‘No Deal Brexit’ is a political divorce, and a move that requires a lot of courage. No one can precisely narrate the consequences positive or negative that comes with it; what commentators like me could do is only predictions and wait for fate. With Brexit, Britain politics has changed rapidly within a quarter decade. With the emergence of new political parties like the Brexit party together with the rise of politicians like the Brexit party leader and the leading pro No Deal Brexiter like Nigel Farage, Theresa May, the former P.M and a Fair Deal Brexiter and his successor Boris Johnson who seem to be pushing for a No Deal Brexit. Should a No-Deal Brexit be delivered, would be beginning of another different chapter and description of British politics and UK as a union united by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. But will Brexit affect positively or negatively the relationship of the western world

 Britain leaving the European Union is one move lots of people may think has only simple social effects like migration, unity with EU Remainers, and trade. What if it goes beyond that, what if it affects the relationship of western nations.

          Britain is the 5th world economy with the GDP growth of $ 546,076 million and military strength of approximately 190,000, making the UK of significance to the Union economically. Military wise it has been acting as a bridge of the US to the EU due to their longtime relationship. Even with the great nations like Germany and France remaining, Britain’s absence would live behind a void that would be felt just like the German Chancellor said it on her speech at the EU parliament in France. She quoted, “The Britain exit is deep a wound.” With the excuse of exploitation, UK has vowed to leave without a deal as a way of winning back sovereignty. With no agreement, they will be capable of doing their activities as a Sovereign state without any continental or economic block restrictions like the refugee’s crisis and mass casualty terrorism which has been one of the EU challenges in the past half a decade. Still on sovereignty and exploitation, British MEPs especially the pro-Brexiters led by Nigel Farage believes the EU is under German control. This was evident when he accused Angela Markel of being the reason for Brexit. He went ahead calling EU a German-dominated and warned that Britain wouldn’t pay for chancellor Markel’s errors. Digging deep into the history books far from the portmanteau, Britain and Germany has always been opponents in every world war, could this be a cold war for European superiority, could Germany be truly controlling the EU, who is Ursula Von der Leyen, what would be the fate of EU in post Brexit and why would the Union need a military despite NATO? Questions you should ask yourself.


          As I started, post-Brexit may be a hard bit for the western nations to swallow especially the Remainers. A suspected tactical move by the French president Emmanuel Macron to recognize Russia as a very profoundly European country last week when he hosted Vladimir Putin Russian president. Macron went ahead by championing Russia’s EU membership when he claimed that Russia’s isolation from European affairs would be a profound error. European continent will never be stable or secure without Russia. He added a powerful French man.

          Britain having a significant economic strength, their exit could leave a financial gap on the European Union.  A void could be hard to replace Britain being the 5th world economy, Macron’s words could suggest an alternative replacement on the military and a little of economic gap Russia being ranked 6th economy by the World Bank in 2017. Worried about the continent’s insecurity without Russia the second-largest army and the first in Europe, Macron calling for EU military for protection some years back could be a clue or a suggestion of him justifying Moscow’s membership to the EU in replacement of Britain. The UK is the bitter enemy of Russia in the continent following the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in England that made the Russian government the suspect. The incident went too far, even affecting their diplomatic relationship.

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From the left; German chancellor Angela Markel, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkey president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s and French Emmanuel Macron in Istanbul for Syria’s Four-way cease power summit

With the EU ambitions of building a military, the British were to be the face of the EU army. A vision that encountered and lost to the unexpected hijack by the infamous Brexit. To avoid depending on the USA and ability to make an independent decision, the Union needed an army that would be the world most powerful, a statement made by Emmanuel Macron and backed by her counterpart Markel. A request which may appear new but not really. The 68 years old move suggested by the Green German party spokesperson Agnieszka Brugger and the French Prime Minister Alain Juppe in 1996. Macron in a TV interview supported the army which he said would protect the Union from China, Russia, and the US. Withdrawal of the US from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Force Treaty (INF) became a threat to the European nation. A missile test by the Americans was regarded as chaotic, and Moscow promised to answer with the support of various European countries, that became an excuse for the military necessity. With the departure of Britain from the Union, American commitment on the European continent would be limited. The relationship between the US and the UK can be traced back deep in history as great allies and even family. For the Union to stand firm economically and military-wise, Russia could be the best and preferred candidate, especially when rallying against the United States of America.

Projected Stumbling of NATO

          Most of the NATO members belong to the EU with the exception of Canada, USA, Turkey, and the UK maybe after a successful Brexit. With Turkey’s recent close ties with Russia on the purchasing of S-400 with the first batch of supply delivered in July. Purchasing of highly effective Russian surface to Air missile (SAMs) a missile system criticized by Washington of being incompatible with NATO system and a military threat. Dominating the headlines for nearly two years now, S-400 has an impressive value of air defense with a capability to strike at different targets mainly aircraft, cruise, ballistic missile and many other capabilities not mentioned. Even though opposed by NATO members, Turkey is suspected on a new deal of dumping Americas’ F-35 for Russian made Su-35 and Su-57 amid US standoff. Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s stand on the deal as a national sovereignty and rebellious moves against NATO and Washington might cause the nation their membership which may not be a threatening message to Turkey which is a proclaimed ally to the world strongest man Vladimir Putin making Ankara drift towards Moscow’s sphere of influence.

           German’s relationship with Russia of late has not been bad from their defense on dropping of the Malaysian plane where the Washington concluded by blaming Russia while Berlin cleared Russia innocent. Secondly, the Nord Stream 2 a $10.6 billion pipeline project (a done deal between Russia, Germany and other EU nations) derailing through the heart of Europe and to the north of Germany, making Berlin a host of Russian asset despite several warnings from John F Kennedy, Ronald Regan and now Donald Trump. The current Nord Stream 2 project is a threat to the US with the fear of NATO allies and the European nations depending on Russia’s energy. Angela Markel being a pro-EU military, may consider Russia joining the Union. Moscow joining the Union can be a big blow and the end of NATO which was formed mainly to watch over Russia’s activities in Eastern Europe. But what are the terms and conditions of winning Moscow a conservative state in such western liberal principled organization, the fate of Britain if a ‘No Deal Brexit’ succeeds. Those are our next topic in the next article don’t miss.

Everything written in this article are personal assumptions and commentary, any suggestion or compliment are accepted in the comment section. Thank you for your attention, you are highly appreciated.



Can Putin and it’s new powerful allies take over the world amid political, crisis and isolation killing the unity of western nations?

The act and stay of nationalism in the united states during the inauguration of president-elect Donald Trump when his supporters carried big banners of ‘AMERICA FIRST,’ a period when Europe felt they were now competitors to the US, not even enemies, said by Daniela Schwarzer from German council of foreign relations. That did not make a good signal back in Brussels, in addition to that, unannounced summit in Helsinki between president Trump and Vladimir Putin with no EU approval was another sign of unity and isolation.

The falling of the western nations is happening gradually with occasions pilling after one another.mostly after the re-election of Vladimir Putin which to many analysts was like a comeback of vengeance, a time when Barracks Obama was the man in oval office, two leaders were described as to fear looking at each other whenever they meet. On September 30, 2015 a period of the popular Arab spring that resulted to change of regimes in the Arab nations, Russia began the air campaign in Syria on the side of the Syrian government headed by President Bashar al-Assad of Syria even after the US government through president Barack Obama, campaigned for Assad ’s resignation and imposed several economic sanctions on Syria, followed by another accusations of Kremlin involment in US election of 2016 that gave Donald Trump a win. A victory that occurred when the ‘afraid without America’ NATO and EU needed a strong military interventions in Ukraine  against the strongest man in world Vladimir Puttin, who was busy expanding its territory towards the west and annexing Crimean peninsula back to motherland Russia. Amid speculations and accusing fingers by Americans and democratic party who suspects Kremlin of poll interference through a cyber attack, that led to the loosing of Hillary Clinton who seemed to be allies, favorable candidate. Russia remains a threat to the US, and the entire western nations, even after the final Muellers’ report that left president trump a clean man late May this year.

From the left Vladimir Putin and China counterpart Xi Jumping at Russia Forum.

The exit of the UK out of the European Union that could shake the unity and military strength of the block. With the UK’s withdrawal and a feeling that the US under Donald J. Trump may not honour NATO commitments. Britain has one of the most significant roles in the block due to its longtime strong relationship with the US. The US saw the UK as a bridge between the US and Europe, and the UK helped align the EU positions to the US and provide more robust responses to Russia. Who stands accused of nationalism and revisionism power, one that violates international law and uses military force to achieve its geopolitical ends at the expense of its neighbors and broader European security?

Invasion of the European market by China, Japan, and other eastern Asian nations. With China proving to surpass the US economy in 5 years to come as suggested by numerous analysts. Chinese companies are jumping over American companies in the European continent. Even after the US intelligence, threatened to cut military knowledge with Germany if they purchase Huawei G5 network that lost its trust of national security of the US. A softer stance by nations like Britain, Canada and Germany that appeared to be unwavering to the threat, EU officials stated in their meeting that The European Commission recommends that European Union countries work together to handle cybersecurity risks in next-generation 5G networks. The latest statistics shows Chinese phones now account for a third of the European market with Huawei leading, according to Canalys smartphone analysis February 2019, that may be a big blow to US Apple phone.

Unsolved confrontations from Russia to the EU nations like the annexation and positioning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter. On 4 March 2018, Sergei Skripal a former Russian military officer and double agent for the UK’s intelligence service and his daughter Yulia Skripal were poisoned in Salisbury England, with only expulsions of diplomats as a punishment was not enough.  The UK expelled 23 Russian diplomats on 14 March 2018. Three days later, Russia expelled an equal number of British diplomats and ordered the closure of the UK consulate in St Petersberg and closing of the British Council in Russia and in London. Two suspects according to the conclusion of the investigations by FBI, Interpol and British intelligence, were said to be  Russians, from a Novichok nerve agent, according to official UK sources, they had failed numerous attempt previously before successful one.

Drilling of Russian Turkstream came to be another nightmare to the European Union as Russia again steps into the EU backyard this time with the motive of taking member states for business purpose, that would lead to violation of Union’s treaties. Despite all the sanctions imposed on Russia due to its actions of bullying, interfering, and intimidating approach towards all the countries on and near its borders. Some nations led by Germany and being Russian major client, breaks the rules of anti-monopoly for Russian stream that is likely to supply natural gas that will be providing north Germany through Nord stream. Followed by Turkey that needs to affirm the Gazprom’s position. The move might also grant Putin another strong ally as Turkey’s relationship with NATO and the US is at stake generated by war in Syria. Ankara considers the YPG a “terrorist group” with ties to the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) a close ally to Washington in fight against ISIL. With the stream In its second phase, if Putin gets his way, the pipeline will transport 15.75 billion cubic meter of gas through Bulgaria and then on to Serbia, Hungary, and Austria all EU nations.

TurkStream across Black Sea from Russia to Turkey.

Even after warning by the NATO and US against the Ankara- Moscow agreement of purchasing Russia’s S-400, a long range missile system currently leading in the arm industry with nations like China, Saudi Arabia, India and Iran showing much interest. With the traits of very-long-range 40N6 (400 km), the long-range 48N6 (250 km), the medium-range 9M96E2 (120 km) and the short-range 9M96E (40 km) it was described by The Economist in 2017 as “one of the best air-defence systems currently made”. Turkey went ahead with a purchase of Russia’s S-400 missile system through the parliament approval awaiting it’s delivery by December. Volkan Bozkir, chairman of Turkey’s parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee, said Ankara would remain loyal to its s-400 deal with Russia as Turkish authorities needed the system to address security concerns, with the US threatening Turkey on withdrawing the offer to sell a $3.5 billion Raytheon Co-Patriot missile package if they proceed with the purchase, could lead to the west loosing one of the strongest nation like Turkey to the East.

A section of Russia’s s-400 during an exhibition in Moscow.

The West and Venezuela: A Story of Exceptionalism, Imperialism and Racism

world tensions rises day by day, as US claims that Russians are right at their bedroom when they stepped into venezuelan politics, is the war getting into South America after Asia?

Socialist Scribe

Nicolás_Maduro Wikimedia Commons

This weekend the UK joined several EU states, the EU, the USA and a host of other countries in recognising Juan Guaidó as the interim President of Venezuela. The issue with this is that Venezuela already has a president, Nicolás Maduro. This, whether it is morally defensible or not, means the West has committed support for a coup d’état. Because intervening in the sovereignty of foreign states has worked so well in the past.

This post will not be a defence of Maduro or the Venezuelan government, as I am not knowledgeable enough on the topic to do so. Instead, it will work from the assumption that he is as bad as the West portrays him to be yet will still argue against intervention. Intervention in Venezuela would be immoral, illegal, hypocritical and devastating to the region.

Some Americans emphasise the state’s self-assumed role as ‘leaders of the…

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March to Leave Chiswick to Parliament Square London 29th March Brexit

I’m not a Brit but my take on Brexit, i’d go with hard deal. They have comonwealth and the realm if they can concentrate on the block and make it great can be good.

TimAWells Blog

March to Leave sets off from Chiswick in the morning and there is a rally outside Parliament Square at 4pm until 7pm.   You can join here marchtoleave.com/route

Sign up



Houses of Parliament


It’s time to give the traitors/liars in Parliament a warning, who really has the power.  Let’s do peacefully and assertively.

You can also join the route anywhere from Sunderland down to London for free for the day.

All the best


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“Kenya is a plutonic nation RULED BY 10,000 rich people who got laws under their bed and presides over the fate of 49.9 million Kenyans trapped in a ‘BAIT AND BLEED’, strategy of the oligarchs”

Every interview you would take across the streets of Nairobi and every post and trends you will read in any social media platform would make you think other parts of the city is already an Arab street or earth scorch of politics. Well, that’s the typical political atmosphere of a stagnant economy of a nation full of ‘armchair revolutionists’ close allies to the oligarchs. With their astroturfing, they’ve managed to win it all talk of revolutionary speech modern-day pseudo philosophers ‘agents of the bourgeois’ Marxists could have called it that, whose battleground is just their sofa sets inside their garrisons of comfort where they organize tribal proxy battle amongst the minor citizens, then boom they watch the show.
Revolution is defined as a forceful overthrow of a government by the people or any sudden or grand change. Its also designated as a gradual act of going against the unjustified government transformed by a popular movement in an irregular, extra-constitutional and violent a fashion. However, why do we talk about the battle we don’t fight, a war we aren’t ready for Why do we talk about a long haul of a revolutionary struggle if we become errand boys of the oppressors, when we fall into their ‘bait and bleed’ strategy. Where did the ideology of nationalism vanish, and if it’s in captive let’s go for it, if it’s dominant let’s activate it, the power of unity is now calling. When the very existence of a state becomes dubious, this is where the oppressors need to have the same goal, the ideology of nationalism that comes in another dimension of isolationism. Oppressed separate themselves from the government, it’s more of the same as secessionism that unit them together and makes them one nation running away or chasing away corrupt regime from them. That’s what I mean by nationalism in this situation. Bleeding from the same vein, this a call of nature and the earlier you realize, the better, deny nature it’s due, nature will destroy you, that’s my understanding on prof Wangari Mathai. Conviction by the court of law for taking a baby home from the hospital, this is a call of nature. Arresting Helb loan students, arresting elites because of education, a nation that is now fighting the youths that’s an act only conducted by a falling government, this a call of nature.
We live in a nation where two poor people make money for the 20 rich divines; we live in a democratic government? No Kenya is a plutonic nation RULED BY 10,000 rich people who got laws under their bed and presides over the fate of 49.9 million Kenyans, trying to adopt the corrupt monarchy of ‘divine hereditary’ leadership which is opposable by a vast violent and aggressive mass attack on regime trying to undermine egalitarianism. Its time the country to rise up and not only change the government but to change the whole system. When the government is wicked for long, the opposition is the accomplice of the wickedness due to their failure to champion for them citizens. Moreover, when the opposition switches to the right wing, the oppressed citizens move to the left side, they act according to the rules of policy and administration, which says rulers work within the public system, and the citizens are the largest shareholders of the public system, that calls for a civil action that comes in different courses which have been tried with the exception of one, which is AGGRESSION COURSE, that’s an attitude of a revolt.



With the world diagnosed with selfishness and social discrimination courtesy of capitalism, agreed old and oppressing ideology derailing majority of the population which lives below life expectation, a cold revolution is being born, no street matchings, no police runs, but the ballot would be the referee.

Failure by early political scholars and Socrates to identify the wing, left, right or the possible intermediary side to separate between socialism and communism has altered the century ongoing confusion that lands young political scientists in a position not to adequately defend their socialism doctrine against the antagonist capitalists and conservationists.

The war that has only granted the right wing identification of the fault of weakness not only to destroy but even to tarnish the image of nontoxic socialism to be seen as a set back to growing democracies. In America even mentioning the term socialism is a news headline. Young and fresh congresswoman only 29 Alexandria Ocasio Cortez whom I’d like to congratulate, and Bennie Sanders made some headlines in the US and even the entire world because of their new movement of Democratic Socialist of A America (DSA), a blow to the Republicans who are capitalists and without hiding who got some Imperialism thinking talk of Venezuela interference. Moving to the left wing would be their last option. However, ironically the western democratic nations showing some pretense I don’t know how scholars would call their ideology of medical health care and other social cares which is SOCIALISM PRACTICE its unlike to capitalist move of where limitations don’t exist, and reward comes to those who go beyond the minimum. In Britain for instance, labor party leader Jeremy Corbyn is a pro-socialist and supports some of the Marx ideas witnessed in his Oxford Union speech when he blushed Margret Thatcher and his cabinet members of their greedy capitalism, and earlier warned against ‘man eat man society’ slogan ‘ the poor go to hell.’ My view on the western citizens and their elites has only one problem, that is the poisoning stereotype they’ve planted, and they’re still passing it thru to even innocent post Iraqi war generation citizens who should independently realize that socialism is decent and maybe or is going change America and The whole world to a better place. Dogs don’t want to eat dog anymore, maybe they want a new prey, the poor don’t need hell they’re already there, and they’re screaming ‘WE WANT IT OUT.’ The act is nothing less by the creation of phobia, that’s SociaPhobia.


Communism and socialism are economic and political structures that promote equality and seek to eliminate social classes, but the new approach by the modern generation socialists are making, the fair share, the quid pro quo, the barter trade manner, the path where I don’t give you all of mine, and you give me least of yours, if it was to bargain, I’d tell you to make it 40/60 or 30/70, that’s the approach.  Is appealing and needs some ears not critics. This move to me is somehow is an advanced doctrine of Carl Marx where the government and private share an institution with up to 70% is government or government owns it all, but citizens get what they work for to further produce and survive. Everybody needs a society where you don’t leave below USD2 in a day, nobody wants to move in a community where out of 40million citizen 10,000 rich people preside over everything acquire everything they need three quarter of the population to leave homeless 50% of children don’t go to school, right to live is no longer a right, if you can’t afford health service you die, like an incident in Kenya where the court of law charges a man for sneaking her daughter out of hospital for bills, mothers giving birth in a field, northern Kenyans dying of hunger, yet we call ourselves capitalist.

This new generation, with democratic socialism, education needs to be a citizen’s right, housing should be a right, greed if good should be chargeable by law, it’s not a campaign to eradicate the lords but to bring their divine to a decree where they don’t create an act of Apotheosis in the society, we don’t leave with gods. What capitalism has brought to the nation can call it ‘incurable disease’ we are not going to cure if it gets out of hands. Due to the doctrine democracy has been undermined elections manipulated, Additional social class has created the return of feudal lots which demoralised the poor in the society, unprofitable fears amongst citizen, if you see a learned peer you feel guilty he too grows a survivor’s guilt. These are the norms modern-day socialists want to eradicate and introduce in the society for better equality.




In politics sometimes it becomes hard to await the dilemma if you are already aware of the flesh on the dining table yet you’re a long vegetarian thirsty of his wish, that might lead you to a reckless decision as you sometimes forget the influence you are about to misuse on millions of citizens who trust you with their future. According to famous Prussian military strategist, ‘war is an extension of politics,’ one  Mao Zedong later used the same military quote on his article to rephrase it to his understanding, by saying, ‘war cannot be divorced from politics for a single moment.’  The strategy which was used by Clinton on his campaign for the presidency to the extent of naming his campaign centre a war room. However, according to Professor John Pitney of government department Claremont McKenna college, military thinking is warned out and does not guarantee a straight win.

            ‘Finishing the dark horse’ politicians worthless of divine right with no last name out of political dynasty,(not one sided but just my point of view) to offer his ambitions a lodge to lean on has been a war song at Kenyan battlefield of politics, which is the weakest counter to be applied in a democratic nation known to be taking every footstep of western capitalists. That seems to be a dead philosophy in the current Kenyan politics as the ‘divine rights’ in power being antagonists to egalitarianism; they would fight it to the core and survival of the freshman in politics. Depends on the people he influences and citizens loyal to him, still with hopes bestowed to him thanks to social media that has graduated most of the semi-graduates a degree of information.

The belief of oligarchy believed to have been born and now crawling toward its puberty, has just awakened the sleeping lions, only to realize a significant change in the jungle new approach to the prey must just change, and the only way is to endorse even the unprepared heir who couldn’t also hold a shield to block a shot, they d come with a different military concepts of domestic politics;


This is the most dangerous strategy to counter especially against a good player who knows how to wage it, that too depends on which ground and vessel used to make an attack. The incumbents may use even state forces or state security and anti-corruption bodies to battle it is aiming it right at you and allies. This is a decision that also needs a state of double standard, where you protect your image and legacy, preparation and deployment of troops must just be done by some ‘lame ducks ‘  politicians I call them ‘errand boys’ who prefer rewards of loyalty to clean sheet, only given attention by some ‘ultra-tribal bigots’,  they’d be used to attack and make propaganda towards the opponent. To me the tactic seems to be more of childish politics, their approach can always be predicted and countered by silence a game well played often by the ODM party leader, only to seat and watch social media battle of zealos participants wage a proxy war, does it play much in current politics?


            I’d instead call it self-annihilation where an opponent will be offered what he wants and every privilege he may wish. The shot pointed directly on his head that later leads to his downfall, with the reference from the present viral videos we may use as a lodging in aid of our proof,  the deputy party leader William Ruto making development oath which their failure is nothing to argue about due to the current nation’s status quo, and if the assurance were to be used to prosecute politician then the charge sheet could have been talking about a felony committed contrary to one or two  sections of a penal code. Branding him a title I call ‘unappreciated messiah’ who walks with everyone’s cross on his back but non can step in the foot for self in. Blames come to his head forgetting other party principals including the party leader who stood next to him.

             Offering some of the strategic and sensitive government posts like the finance ministries to close friend and allies that raises the first alarm on any misconduct, also a bait that awaits your hand in for protections, that later brands you as an impure brand that cannot be trusted with top post of a nation.


            With a deterrent effect of amassing a massive campaign war chest, this strategy also best in breaking hostility, by stepping into the political dance floor with campaign funds that may force an early exit of an opponent. This is a suicidal confrontation that is evitable — the strategy used by a Democrat Al Gore that demoralized other democratic candidates from contesting.

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